The team bringing you RECOVƎR 180° know how to LIVE LIFE UNLIMITED. We have significant experience in the premium beverage and wellness industries in the U.S. and abroad. Our founder, Mike Meldman, is the chief executive officer and founder of Discovery Land Company—a real estate development company with 19 world-class private resorts. Together, our advisory board has an outstanding track record of pursuing new and untapped market opportunities across the high-end hospitality, food and beverage categories.

RECOVƎR 180° was created by and for the people who pursue the best life has to offer, and want better everyday. We set out to fuel our pursuit of new heights, new paths, and pursuit of happiness. We created the premium electrolyte beverage, with more functional, quality ingredients than leading brands, and none of the stuff you don’t need. R180 is a true isotonic beverage to keep your cells balanced and ready to embrace life.

We created R180° for those who live life unlimited

Fitness Guru.jpg

The Fitness Guru


As a true Fitness Guru, you already know how the formula in R180° works to benefit your body. The rehydrating isotonic balance of salt and sugar, L-Glutamine that helps muscles recover faster, and electrolytes that replenish lost fluids make R180° the perfect workout partner. Whether your go to work out is lifting weights at the gym or hot yoga, or you fashion yourself to be the next Rock or Tracy Anderson, R180° will help you hold planks longer, lift harder, and add that extra push-up at the end. 

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The Young Athlete



Little League, Junior Varsity, Varsity, great athletes all learned their game on the courts, fields, and gymnasiums of schools across the country. What they learned on the sidelines is just as important. Instead of replenishing with sugary sports drinks, R180° is a new alternative for young athletes to keep them at the peak of their game, with an even better taste. Best part is it’s Soccer mom approved. 

The Jet Setter.jpg

The Jet Setter


Do you ever feel like you live out of your suitcase?  Whether you’re traveling for play or work, jet lag can be a real drag. The key to being a successful Jet Setter is using R180° to minimize any downtime when landing in a new place or returning home. Pro tip: order R180° on Amazon to wherever you’re going so it’s ready to go when you are. 

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The Thrill Seeker


How do you LIVE LIFE UNLIMITED? The Thrill Seeker takes everything to the extreme. Double black diamonds, six foot waves, and back to work Monday morning with the help of R180°. No matter what boundaries the thrill seeker pushes, R180° is there for the ride, alleviating muscle aches and altitude sickness along the way. 

Weekend Warriro.jpg

The Weekend Warrior


Only 48 hours in a weekend and you want to get it all in.That means the 7am spin class followed by brunch with friends, continued into an evening with friends. Wake up on Sunday and do it all over again. While you might have forgotten to get those z’s in and the “Sunday Scaries” are quickly setting in, you’ll be ready to impress your boss come Monday morning with the help of R180°.